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Friday, September 6, 2013

Hop Oast Ready to Go!

Charlie built a great hop kiln for us that goes far beyond what we were hoping to have this harvest season. The oast has everything we need: large screened boxes, a fan for circulation and a small ceramic heater to help the drying process. 

"Chaz" - my suggested name for our new oast (gasoline not required for operation!)
Charlie custom designed the stack-able trays that should hold an abundance of hops. The electrical connections are all up to code (which would never happen if I was left to building it) and work off of a 120 volt standard supply. The heat source and fan have separate supply, so you can run it with or without heat. The top drawer has an air exhaust hole to complete circulation. 

We can't wait to fire this puppy up! Thanks Charlie!

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