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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Climbing Bines

The hops are growing fast this spring - a bunch of warm dry days and cool nights seem to be just what they need.  We have 30 plants (10 Cascade, 10 Fuggle and 10 Newport) that were planted last July and I'm really impressed how mature they look coming out of the ground.

Fuggle variety supported by temporary jute twine trellis.
The Fuggle emerged last, but seems to be growing the quickest, although with the fewest sprouts per hill.  The Cascade and Newport both have an abundance of sprouts, but a little less height in the highest bines.  This weekend I pruned all growth other than the healthiest 2 bines in each hill so they can put all their energy into growing up the trellis.

We've got a couple of cools days and potentially frosty nights - we'll hope for the best!

On the beer brewing front we're submitting our Kolsch and American Pale Ale beers into the NYS Home Brewers Competition this week.  Both bottled really well off the keg and I'd say we have a chance to win in either category.  We'll let you know ASAP!!!

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